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3. Unique XenPod Replacement Spings


Left hand and right hand repalcement springs, only suitable for the new generation XenPods.

$10 per spring includes shipping in NZ only.

These springs are custom made especially for the XenPod. They are not interchangeable with other units. They have a superb track record and rarely need replacement on any unit, but if by chance you find a spring damaged due to wrong use or poor handling we can supply replacements.

If you use the XenPod only for Health Bouncing, in accordance with instructions there should be no spring issues at all. other than the need for occasional lubrication. We recommend White Lithium Grease or Motocote Oil for best results.

IMPORTANT: When lubricated at both ends of the spring, there should be absolutely ZERO spring noise on a XenPod.

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