The RH48 XenPod Passes The Test of Time

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers World Wide


"Thank you Gigi. Still loving my XenPod. Will always Love my XenPod !!! Still using it every day!" 💟  AM - QLD Australia


" masseur has noticed I am more toned - I think she notices it most in my buttocks." MP 70+ year old woman - NSW Australia


"LOVE LOVE your CD. Your voice is healing and amazing, the music, vocals, words beautiful, thank you so much, you are very talented. Enjoy your sacred space it sounds beautiful." Woman using the XenPod and music for holistic healing - DM Auckland NZ


"I used to be a light weight but have gained alot last few years. However I must say that after one weeks use, my digestion and general well being has greatly improved. I have a few health issues which I'm addressing but the rebounding has definitely given me some positive results, the same as when I used one back in the 80's" PP - Male 110kg - Brisbane Australia


"In my experience, sitting on the XenPod in meditation posture assists the clearing of the acupuncture energy meridians. Areas of tension, holding and blockage are assisted to release and clear, thus enabling a freer flow of the life force, or prana/chi, to circulate. This freer circulation of the life force brings enhanced energy to all areas of the body. 

In Chinese Medicine knowledge it is said that “chi leads the blood”, so with increased chi flow, blood circulation improves to the extremities and also inwardly to restore and nourish the vital organs of the body.

While sitting on the XenPod, my energy field seemed to stabilise itself to the 2 meter radius of the XenPod.  I felt a comfortable radiance of energy through my hands, with an inner sense of vitality, calm and balance. 

My background includes scientific training - BSC, plus Kinesiology, Neo-Reichian bodywork, Breathwork, Personal Growth, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, Remedial and Qi-Gong Massage and teaching Yoga and Meditation." Female Yoga and Meditation teacher of 20 years - NSW Australia


"Hi Gigi, My Xenpod arrived yesterday and unpacked today. Thrilled thank you. Its intelligence had already started helping me days before. Its making it sooo much clearer for me to tune into my body to know what is going on and what needs to be done.  I will let you know if there is any significant progress.  Im someone who had an accident 12 years ago and broke her back and nerve paralysis below right knee also.  Im really hopeful and curious as to what will happen as far as strengthening, restoring and bringing in the new. Many thanks"   WB - NSW Australia


"The XenPod entered my reality at a time where l was desperately ill and had little energy as a result of Cancer treatment. The use of the XenPod gave me great comfort, new well being and energy. Even used as a sitting platform for meditation - you can feel the energy it has move through your body. It's an all round comfort item for me and I recommend you use it for your health, and wellbeing." Linda - Melbourne Australia


Here is a dialogue from someone who first tried the older model, then immediately tried the XenPod:  "Oh wow, oh my God this feels so different, It's amazing (her whole body was noticibly softening and relaxing)...I'm tingling all over (brushing her arms) ...It's so relaxing and... and the energy, I can feel the energy so strongly, it feels like .... (moves her arms up and around her body)...It's just NOTHING like the other one  ... And I'm still tingling... Oh it feels so much better than the other one... Wow that's amazing!   RM - Northland NZ


I am still using and loving my XenPod !!  🌸 I see you are selling the business ...   If I had the financial balance I would buy it !!   😁    It is absolutely amazing and I swear by my Xenpod !!"   AM - Sunshine Coast Qld

"Thank you so much Gigi. I love my XenPod!!!" SD - WA Australia

"I started out as a XenPod customer and was so impressed with the results I was getting, I bought the whole business! In my three years of XenPod customer service there has never been any negative feedback about the product, or the worthwhile investment made in purchasing one. In fact, as with myself, each customer's purchase starts a life-long 'love affair' with a great and enduring health companion." Gigi Gilchrist - Owner of the XenPod Lymphaciser®


"I’m very grateful that you have made the xenpod available. I was going to buy another brand until a friend who had a xenpod 30 years ago told me about it. So I had to research then do comparisons until I became convinced I need the xenpod for my lymphatic system. Bounce is not the most important thing for rebounding or lymphasizjng. I’m looking forward to moving my sluggish lymph & recovering some energy."  DB - NSW Australia

"I loaned my XenPod to my friend who used it and felt so many benefits from just one session!" HS 84 year old XenPod enthusiast - Cairns Australia

"I’ve been researching rebounders for about 3 weeks, and I’m very pleased that the Xenpod is still on the market. The only other rebounder I like is the Cellerciser, but I prefer the Xenpod for its superior health bounce qualities and benefits, which the other rebounders do not have." Customer in Australia

"Thank  you  very  much  to Ian  for this wonderful  gift  of life. I will  keep  on bouncing  and will keep  in touch  as well"  PF - Malaysia


"Hi Gigi, Just wanted to let you know how I have been going with the XenPod. When I purchased the XenPod I was really, really sick and nobody knew what was wrong. They thought I might have had a minor stroke or heart attack. I had had a very bad flu virus but just got sicker an sicker and also was suffering a lot of pain in my left side and could not breathe. All my previous illnesses like Glandula and Ross River fever had come back to haunt me also. 

I had been like this for 3 months and normally I am very fit but was really worried about my muscles and general fitness, which is why I purchased the XenPod as I thought it was something I could do even though I was very sick.

After one month of using the XenPod my fluid retention reduced and the lymph function increased around 60% according to a natropath with bio feedback software. Also in that month I finally was diagnosed with internal shingles on the left side.

I have been slowly recovering to a point now that it is more or less a continued clean up operation and I need to take it very carefully for the next year. I use the XenPod every day and have slowly been getting stronger and stronger. My lymph is performing very well and I no longer have fluid retention.

I am sure without the XenPod I would not have improved so fast. It is such a great and gentle form of exercise that nearly anyone can do. The only area it has not worked quiet so well for me is with some lower back and hip issues that continue to niggle me and I need ongoing chiropractic for. I am 62 years old and will be using the XenPod for the rest of my life as long as I can get out of bed."  Eva Tan - Victoria, Australia


"The XenPod is wonderful... I bounce twice a day (AM and PM) for min of 20 minutes each time. I love it and think every household should have one !!  😇"  Abbey M, Business Owner, Qld Australia

"Doing ten minutes at start of my day, gives me an extra 90 minutes of energy at the end of my accounting day". Tony, Melbourne, Victoria.


"As a bodybuilder, I had a hard time getting definition in my legs. After using the XenPod for a week, I could see and feel significant improvement in my calves and thighs." Arnold Engourou, Personal trainer and Bodybuilding event Organiser, Paris France.


"Meditating on XenPod grants extra levels of insights and experiences". Dr. Golden MD, Sydney


"Chronic Emphysema has vastly improved and chronic knee problems reversed." Peter McCreagh, J.P. Byron Bay, Australia

"From thirty-two years of Polio to be able to walk without crutches, all in twelve months!" Vergil Orten, Tenants Creek, NT

"After seven weeks of energising, I am now in eighth year of remission from acute lymphoma, I even survived chemotherapy". Mother of three, Frankston, Victoria

"Forty-five minutes, from debilitating hip, back and leg pain to freedom in walking and is swinging her hips again".  French Consul's wife, Suva, Fiji

"Swollen ankles, back pain released, and by perspiring for first time has started the important skin cleanse"  Anna-Marie 48 years old, Port Moresby, New Guinea 

"It really works, my hips can now rotate freely. It is so easy! It is amazing".  Irmagard, Natural therapist, Munich. Germany


"Less than ten minutes adjusted and harmonised acupuncture meridians that corrected jet lag of the twenty–four hour trip."  Joanne, Japan, Missouri. USA 

"This simple synchronised bounce can balance the body's fourteen acupuncture meridians". Shirley Meredith, Kinesiologist, Auckland, New Zealand


"After four months using the XenPod correctly, I lost all the loose skin around my buttocks, which had sagged because of my age (sixty five and seven children) also my breasts, tummy, and buttocks, have all filled out and firmed up and a nice vital colour has returned to all the old loose skin area".
Claire De Lune, Brisbane, Qld


"After thirty-two years of high blood pressure, the doctor has now taken me off my pills, only after six weeks on the XenPod".  65 year old Grandmother, Perth, WA.


"After ten days there are no more sparks when I remove my clothing". Mrs. Quigley, England


"My sinus problem and a twenty year aching ankle have now been taken care of".
Peter Choo, Singapore


"Energising after eating, diminishes sleepiness experienced from eating". Samandandra, USA Swami at Nambour retreat, Queensland


Doctors asked mother, who used the XenPod for both pregnancies, "Why have your two babies been born with an extra two months of awareness and muscles development?" Janet, Buderim, Qld 

"I recommend the Lymphaciser for those people who have bad backs or bad knees as this has the least inversion. This is designed especially for the Health Bounce. Any jumping out side the mat will jar me and this is ONLY made for Health Bouncing. I give it an A+ 100% perfect score for therapeutic health bouncing but this is not a fun rebounder. It gives me results only. 
I only recommend this rebounder for someone that has a serious lymphatic issue and not doing it for cardio or working out. Just gentle health bouncing. The G force on this is much higher than the Cellerciser. Every bounce is like using a dry skin brush and brushing the entire body in one stroke. 
If not interested in cleaning the waste out of the body as an only reason, then the Cellerciser is my top recommendation. The Cellerciser just has a deeper bounce and fewer flushes per minute although its a more plusher bounce. 15% less bounces per minute and just requires slightly more energy to bounce. It takes about 17 minutes to get the same amount of bounces on the Lymphaciser as the Cellerciser. 
The bounce is super smooth on the Lymphaciser and there are no holes punched out of the frame on it like they do on the cheap rebounders".  Read Review Source


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