Creations from the Heart of a Healthier Life

Harmonic Music of the Spheres Project

Gomati's first album Maiden Heart was recorded at Shunya Music near the magical Wollumbin Mountain in the Byron Bay area of Australia. All artists were sitting on the resonant harmonic field of the XenPod while recording these healing sounds. 

Healing and Meditation Music

Come with us on a journey into the creation of sacred music on the XenPod.  Earthheart Blessing was created especially to use while relaxing on the XenPod and it has the effect of profoundly aligning body, mind and spirit.

Relax on your XenPod, turn the world off for 20 minutes and put Earthheart Blessings in the headphones. Shunya's musical mastery, with Gomati chanting the ancient shanti mantras and Kaliana's divine language of light vocals, will transport you to a very sacred healing place. 

Blessings of love and light to you.

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Customer feedback:

"Hello again Gigi

This is so beautiful. Thank you for the download, I love it!

Have played it ten times already!

In wellness and gratitude M"

Meet Emi

Emi was visiting Australia from Japan when she became our lovely spontaneous XenPod model in the perfect setting! These pictures were shot in the beautiful Kaivalya Meru hall, near the sacred Wollumbin Mountain in Northern NSW Australia. Emi loves to draw energy mandalas and is showing you this one of her experience on the XenPod. Thanks Emi for a lovely photo shoot!


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