The RH48 XenPod®

HISTORY: The newer RH48 XenPod® design developed by Ian Pettitt, was assembled by Pacific Health & Fitness in Auckland from 1989 until 2015.  The XenPod® stock and all IP rights to Ian Pettitt's design, were bought by Healthier Life Ltd in 2015.

SPRINGS: The XenPod® spring is a new and unique design especially calibrated by Ian Pettitt, alongside expert spring makers in the original factory. The resulting spring specifications deliver exactly  the correct health-bounce speed, while giving the least jarring bounce of all lymphaciser models.

RING: Both models use the original, zinc electro-plated, 1.6mm square steel walled tube ring design: owned by Auckland based engineers.

MAT: The XenPod® uses different marine grade trampoline mat that is 100% UV stable and more flexible and durable than the Permatron mat. The XenPod® mat design incorporates advanced electro-static principles of Ian Pettitt's IP design, which produce greater conductivity for increased energising effects.

DESIGN: The unique combination of XenPod® spring design and other components, create it's very gentle health-bounce, which has no jarring, is stress free and is much safer for your whole body.

The XenPod® measures 15% more energising effect than the old model, with kinesiology testing calibration while health-bouncing, meditating and resting. This is due to the RH48 XenPod® harmonic design configuration refinements that measurably increase bio-field resonance compatibility.

The XenPod® has used Ian Pettitt’s special cleat design innovation since 2007. This mat cleat was developed exclusivly for assembly within the exact RH48 XenPod body and spring configurations.

SOFT MATERIALS: The XenPod® cover is ultra tough, marine grade, quilt lined fabric. All webbing and thread is marine grade, crafted from 30 years industry experience. Unique leather leg facings give a high quality finish. Available in red, blue, orange and black.

LEGS: Six short screw on legs position the XenPod® at a safe and easy to use height, designed specifically for health-bouncing. Tough plastic feet on the short legs allow sliding for easy movement and magnetic alignment. Longer legs are also available if you want more aerobic style workouts.

INCLUSIONS: The XenPod® comes with a user e-manual including the holistic Energising While Lymphacising© self-balancing program with extensive holistic health tips, including detailed guidance on self-balancing meridians. Also includes the unique cranial adjuster and a compass for correct electro-magnetic alignment.

BACK UP: The XenPod® offers a 5 year warranty on metal and fabric parts, with normal private use and care, plus unlimited after sales Q&A support for the user. The high quality control of XenPod® guarantees customer satisfaction and A+ materials and workmanship at time of purchase. 

BEST USES: The XenPod® is suitable for lymphacising, for all general health and fitness uses and for energising and meditation. It is particularly helpful for people needing extra healing energy with a gentle, low stress bounce; like sufferers of lymphoedema and anyone in recovery from serious illness, injury or chemotherapy.

SUPPORT: Unlimited ongoing email Q&A support guaranteed by experts, with 40 years experience in lymphatic health and wellness.

XenPod Design

This label demonstrates the first model of the XenPod with Ian Pettitt's improved cleat design, which was released in 2007. 

This design was used by Pacific Health exclusively for the XenPod assembly from 2007 until mid 2015. Since then Healthier Life Ltd has continued to produce the unique XenPod design in full integrity.

The Older RH48

HISTORY: The original old RH48 Lymphaciser was produced by Pacific Health & Fitness in Auckland from 1984 until 2015. The design and manufacturing rights to this model were sold to another company in 2016.

SPRINGS: The older RH48 still uses the original RH48 spring designed for the first models of the lymphaciser, including the 36 spring model. This spring gives a firmer health bounce and measures lower in its harmonic field than the XenPod spring, when an assembled unit is tested. 

RING: Both models use the original, zinc electro-plated, 1.6mm square steel walled tube ring design: owned by Auckland based engineers.

MAT: The older RH48 uses marine grade Permatron trampoline mat. A firm, 100% UV stable mat, which delivers a firm bounce. There are no advanced electro-static principles incorporated into the mat design. This very firm mat is good for anyone with ankle pronation issues as it has little give and roll.

DESIGN: The older RH48 spring, mat and configuration give a firmer health-bounce. For sensitive or weak users, this can potentially generate more stress on joints and soft tissues in the body.

The older RH48 measures 15% less energising effect than the XenPod® with kinesiology testing calibration, while health-bouncing, meditating and resting. The harmonic field generated is measurably less, which lowers the bio-field resonance capability.

The older RH48 manufactures have recently started using the XenPod cleat in their assembly. This makes it appear visually more like a XenPod, however it does not enhance the older model in any way performance wise, because of the different design and spring specifications.

SOFT MATERIALS: The older RH48 cover, webbing and thread is UV stable and marine grade. There are no leather leg facings to finish where the legs join the cover. Colour range: Navy blue.

LEGS: The older RH48 comes in one leg length, which stands it quite high off the floor for gym-style workouts. (This can be less safe for mobility challenged users when moving on and off the mat). The longer legs also mean it does not slip under an average bed, or easily lean against a wall for storage. The grippy rubber feet are good for traction, but tend to grab and so will not slide easily when positioning.

INCLUSIONS: The older RH48 comes with no inclusions, or self-balancing instructions. It is not intended for use with precise electro-magnetic alignment, so there are no instructions needed for this. Some retailers include gym style fitness instructions when selling this Lymphaciser, for more cardio-vascular stimulating and general fitness use. 

BACK UP: The older RH48 comes with a 2 year comprehensive warranty on manufacturing and money back guarantee of quality materials and workmanship at time of purchase. The level of after sales customer support is not specified. 

BEST USES: This design is suitable for general lymphacising and health and fitness use and for those prefering a firmer, high bounce for aerobic style work outs. Although a good quality basic machine, the older RH48 does not give the user the super low-stress bounce, or the extra healing energy gained with the more refined XenPod RH48.

SUPPORT: There is no mention of availablitity or quality of free after-sales support.

Old RH48 Design

This is the old RH48 design that Pacific Health produced right up until mid 2015. It is very different to a XenPod in all the above noted ways. The old RH48 spring is designed to be used with the style of cleat pictured, which joins the spring to the mat correctly.

Please be aware that when enquiring about the differences between this old model and the XenPod, customers are being told that the price and name of the machine is the only difference! This is not correct.


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