You Can't Fool a Yogini

July 23, 2019

"The overall effect of the hour and a bit long session with the XenPod was to me, equivalent to the grounding, energy balancing, relaxing, mind settling, consciousness expanding effect of a whole day of yoga practice."

I'm travelling with a demo XenPod in North Eastern NSW and have been staying with my old yogini friend. She's the real deal and there is just no pulling the wool over these eyes.  Living a long healthy life teaching diverse health, healing and spiritual practices gives ...
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A real experience, better than 10,000 words...

I just had a visitor in my studio.  She immediately spotted the XenPod and wanted to try it. There happened to be one of the older models of the lymphaciser in the same room so out of interest, I asked her to first step onto the old one and try it.  Here is the dia...
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