Rebounding V's Health-Bouncing

Is the XenPod a Rebounder?

No! This is NOT a rebounder. XenPod health-bouncing is very different from rebounding or ordinary exercise. Strenuous muscular exercise creates cellular wastes (lactic and uric acid), uses up oxygen, stresses joints and only strengthens certain muscles. This uses up a lot of energy and leaves some cells surrounded with excess fluids that need removing. When done correctly and without stress, lymphacising conserves oxygen, creates enzymes and energises cells by creating ATP at the cell level.

Excessive aerobic style bouncing on rebounders of poor quality, can be extremely detrimental to your health, especially as you begin to age. You can test this for yourself with Kinesiology. Muscle test yourself before and after using the rebounder in question. If you test weaker after your bouncing, even though you may have momentarily gained an energy rush, your rebounder is actually weakening your whole body and energy systems. 

The XenPod mat and leg height are designed especially for health-bouncing. It has shorter legs that accommodate the health-bounce and create a safe height off the floor, making the XenPod very safe and comfortable to use. Due to this special design feature, you will not be able to do high gym style bouncing and aerobic fitness style jumping on the standard XenPod. If you also want to do aerobics, just request the longer legs.

If you want the best all-in-one lymphaciser for health-bouncing, with a finely tuned harmonic energiser for self-healing built into the machine: XenPod is the premium choice.


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