Looking for Gold?

The Search is Over

It’s a huge stack of potential to have to search through, this business of finding the perfect wellness product to own and recommend. But you can relax, all the hard work's been done and the proverbial needle in a haystack is right here now: for sale. 

Reputation and track record hold great weight with a health and wellness machine and the XenPod boasts 5 stars in both. For decades it's been well known as the best RH48 Lymphaciser in the world: and the world wants it.

Do You Qualify?

We’re screening for one perfect new owner to take off with the XenPod now. Of course, you'll want to own the best brand of healing machine in it’s niche, to give your loved one’s, your clients and the whole world access to the best quality health care companion available. 

You'll share our passion for the power of sacred geometry to bring health and balance into a stressed-out world. In fact you probably already know and love this product too, through the fine reputation it holds in the wellness arena.

We trust that you’ll be able to proudly ensure the highest standards of quality control are continued in manufacturing, with an established supply out of NZ. You’ll  also be eager and able to send the XenPod packing all around the world, to meet it's growing market of discerning buyers.

Say no more. Your investment will be well rewarded as volumes soar and the health of thousands of happy customers and clients increases. You'll know if you qualify. The XenPod is ready to move with you and we're looking forward to meeting you soon. All rights for sale by negotiation.  Make contact with Gigi here.


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