What you seek, is seeking you!

XenPod might be seeking you...

This is a once in a lifetime Golden Mean opportunity for the right team.

The XenPod is for sale and it is the perfect companion product for an experienced team like yours who are looking to expand what they offer to customers in the wellness industry. You will be looking to invest capital in owning a quality, well established product with a high profile in the health and wellness sector; which will help hundreds of customers while bringing steady returns.

You will have a passion for the health benefits that sacred geometry can bring to people‚Äôs lives and you have experience, or the interest in running a business, marketing, website and e-commerce management, customer relations and manufacturing with high quality control. Your ability to consult with customers about their wellness needs will be a definite advantage. 

This product is very well established in the online sales market, with decades of success behind it's good reputation. The XenPod is well loved, in demand and ready to fly with a brand new team now! 

Please email your interest via our website www.healthierlife.co.nz 


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