Guardian of the Havan

Released on Valentines Day 2018, to honour the Divine Mystic Lover in us all, this album is a magical mix of sound creations that came through spontaneously in December last year while at Shunya's peaceful studio, at Kaivalya Meru in Northern NSW Australia. 

The lyrics and feelings originate from many decades of immersion in a personal Bhakti culture with divine teachers. The album can be played any time, but is particularly good to absorb in the evening. 

Gomati is an initiated celebrant for The Havan ceremony, of which Babaji is the eternal Guardian. He revived this ancient Vedic ritual during His last incarnation in India between 1970-1984. It is a deeply healing and transformative practice to experience. Guardian of the Havan reflects glimpses of a spiritual journey with the outer, the inner and the Divine Fires.


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