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Any Old Spring Won't Do Us!

Hi this is Gigi, I've just spent an afternoon with our spring manufacturers, learning even more about how unique the XenPod spring truly is! Not only do we check every spring personally before assembling your XenPod, but every single spring is made to our special recipe and individually crafted by hand in the factory, by expert spring makers, using advanced technologies. Only the highest quality of galvanised steel is used and the quality standards are impeccable.  Our unique XenPod spring ...

February 15, 2019

Looking for Gold?

It’s a huge stack of potential to have to search through, this business of finding the perfect wellness product to own and recommend. But you can relax, all the hard work's been done and the proverbial needle in a haystack is right here now: for sale.  Reputation and track record hold great weight with a health and wellness machine and the XenPod boasts 5 stars in both. For decades it's been well known as the best RH48 Lymphaciser in the world: and the world wants it. ...

January 28, 2019

What you seek, is seeking you!

The XenPod is for sale and it is the perfect companion product for an experienced team who are looking to expand what they offer to customers in the wellness industry. You will be looking to invest capital in owning a quality, well established product with a high profile in the health and wellness sector; which will help hundreds of customers and bring steady returns. You will have a passion for the health benefits that sacred geometry can bring to people’s lives and you have experience, ...

January 12, 2019

Light Up Your Cellular Fire!

Who doesn’t love sitting by a nice open fire? Some also use the fire element consciously for spiritual purification. Similarly, cellular fire purification is like internal fire purification. So what is this internal cellular fire? Simply put, it is the electrical energy generated by the biochemical action of the Sodium and Potassium exchange, which constantly happens within each cell of the body. It is well known that the lymph system works hard for us to remove trapped fluids containing infec...

October 20, 2017

Why take the risk with a cheap rebounder?

Research and kinaesthetic testing has shown that if you use a cheap rebounder or lymphaciser, you are risking causing serious damage to your body, your joints and your subtle energy systems!  Denie Hiestand is a qualified kiwi Lymphologist who contributed to the research and development of the original NZ rebounders decades ago. These are the forerunners of the superior RH48 XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser design, which is still available today at  The ...

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