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Guardian of the Havan

Released on Valentines Day 2018, to honour the Divine Mystic Lover in us all, this album is a magical mix of sound creations that came through spontaneously in December last year while at Shunya's peaceful studio, at Kaivalya Meru in Northern NSW Australia.  The lyrics and feelings originate from many decades of immersion in a personal Bhakti culture with divine teachers. The album can be played any time, but is particularly good to absorb in the evening.  Gomati is an initiated celebr...

February 15, 2018

Light Up Your Cellular Fire!

Who doesn’t love sitting by a nice open fire? Some also use the fire element consciously for spiritual purification. Similarly, cellular fire purification is like internal fire purification. So what is this internal cellular fire? Simply put, it is the electrical energy generated by the biochemical action of the Sodium and Potassium exchange, which constantly happens within each cell of the body. It is well known that the lymph system works hard for us to remove trapped fluids containing infec...

October 20, 2017

Why take the risk with a cheap rebounder?

Research and kinaesthetic testing has shown that if you use a cheap rebounder or lymphaciser, you are risking causing serious damage to your body, your joints and your subtle energy systems!  Denie Hiestand is a qualified kiwi Lymphologist who contributed to the research and development of the original NZ rebounders decades ago. These are the forerunners of the superior RH48 XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser design, which is still available today at  The ...

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