Guardian of the Havan

February 15, 2018
Released on Valentines Day 2018, to honour the Divine Mystic Lover in us all, this album is a magical mix of sound creations that came through spontaneously in December last year while at Shunya's peaceful studio, at Kaivalya Meru in Northern NSW Australia.  The lyrics ...
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Light Up Your Cellular Fire!

October 20, 2017

Is Your Cellular Battery Flat?

Who doesn’t love sitting by a nice open fire? Some also use the fire element consciously for spiritual purification. Similarly, cellular fire purification is like internal fire purification. So what is this internal cellular fire? Simply put, it is the electrical energy ge...
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Cheap is just Not Safe!

Research and kinaesthetic testing has shown that if you use a cheap rebounder or lymphaciser, you are risking causing serious damage to your body, your joints and your subtle energy systems!  Denie Hiestand is a qualified kiwi Lymphologist who contributed to the researc...
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