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The Undeniable Difference!!

I just had a visitor in my studio.  She immediately spotted the XenPod and wanted to try it. There happened to be an L48 in the same room so out of interest, I asked her to first step onto the L48 Read more

Rebounding V's Health-Bouncing

No! This is NOT a rebounder. XenPod health-bouncing is very different from rebounding or ordinary exercise. Strenuous muscular exercise creates cellular wastes (lactic and uric acid), uses up oxygen,Read more

Show Me How Lymph Works

If you're a visual person like me, you'll want to see an easy clear picture of how the lymph system works and why it is so important. Check this one out.Read more

Don't Let Gravity Drag You Down

The pioneers of lymphacising discovered that there is a very effective way to assist the lymphatic system to function optimally: by using a very specific type of bounce. This is why Ian Pettitt hasRead more

Any Old Spring Won't Do Us!

Hi this is Gigi, I've just spent an afternoon with our spring manufacturers, learning even more about how unique the XenPod spring truly is! Not only do we check every spring personally beforeRead more

Light Up Your Cellular Fire!

Who doesn’t love sitting by a nice open fire? Some also use the fire element consciously for spiritual purification. Similarly, cellular fire purification is like internal fire purification. SoRead more

Why take the risk with a cheap rebounder?

Research and kinaesthetic testing has shown that if you use a cheap rebounder or lymphaciser, you are risking causing serious damage to your body, your joints and your subtle energy systems!  DenieRead more

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Are You Confused?

Several different models of RH48 Lymphacisers have been around a long time, so it can't be helped: there is just a lot of out of date and incorrect info out there.

This is definitely the most up to date RH48 XenPod site. The older RH48 model is now called L48 and it is sold by a completely different company. We own and manufacture the RH48 XenPod exclusively, because we consider it to be the premium all-rounder model. 

The Premium Quality RH48 Energiser

Kinesiology based testing has proven the RH48 XenPod® to be 15% more effective than the original old model.  Why? There are significant design differences between the XenPod® and the only comparable NZ Lymphaciser, called the L48. 

What's the Difference?

The RH48 XenPod®

HISTORY: The newer RH48 XenPod® design developed by Ian Pettitt, was assembled by Pacific Health & Fitness in Auckland until 2015. They used all XenPod® IP design components. The XenPod® stock and the IP rights to this unique design, were bought by Healthier Life Ltd in 2015.

SPRINGS: The XenPod® spring is a new and unique design especially calibrated by Ian Pettitt, alongside expert spring makers in the original factory. The resulting spring specifications deliver the correct health-bounce speed, while giving the least jarring bounce of all lymphaciser models.

RING: Both models use the original, zinc electro-plated, 1.5mm square steel walled tube ring design: owned by Auckland based engineers.

MAT: The XenPod® uses marine grade Lumite trampoline mat, a highly flexible and durable 100% UV stable mat. The XenPod® mat incorporates the advanced electro-static principles of Ian Pettitt's IP design, which produce greater conductivity for increased energising effects.

DESIGN: The unique combination of XenPod® spring design and components, create a gentle and less jarring health-bounce, which is stress free and much safer for your whole body.

The XenPod® measures 15% extra energising effect with kinesiology testing calibration, while health-bouncing, meditating and resting. This is due to the RH48 XenPod® harmonic design configuration refinements that measurably increase bio-field resonance compatibility.

The XenPod® correctly uses Ian Pettitt’s cleat design innovation, which was developed with the original engineers using laser measurements, exclusivly for assembly within the exact RH48 XenPod configurations. In the original manufacturing this cleat was never used on the L48.

SOFT MATERIALS: The XenPod® cover is ultra tough, marine grade, quilt lined fabric. All webbing and thread is marine grade, crafted from 30 years industry experience. Unique leather leg facings give a high quality finish. Available in red, orange and black.

LEGS: Six short screw on legs position the XenPod® at a safe and easy to use height, designed specifically for health-bouncing. Tough plastic feet on the short legs, slide for easy magnetic alignment. Longer legs with rubber feet are also available if you want to also do more aerobic style workouts. You need to ask when ordering.

INCLUSIONS: The XenPod® comes with a user e-manual including the holistic Energising While Lymphacising© self-balancing program with extensive holistic health tips, including detailed guidance on self-balancing meridians. Also includes the unique cranial adjuster and a compass for correct electro-magnetic alignment.

BACK UP: The XenPod® offers a 5 year warranty on parts with normal use and care, plus unlimited and ongoing after sales Q&A support for the user. The high quality control of XenPod® guarantees A+ materials and workmanship at time of purchase. 

BEST USES: The XenPod® is suitable for lymphacising and all general health and fitness uses. It is particularly helpful for people needing extra healing energy with a gentle, low stress bounce; like sufferers of lymphoedema and anyone in recovery from serious illness, injury or chemotherapy.

PRICE:  All inclusive of freight, handling, duty, GST and courier to your door. Nothing more to pay. Delivery and unlimited ongoing support guaranteed. 

L48 Lymphaciser

HISTORY: The original RH48 Lymphaciser (now called the L48) plus the original Gym & 36 spring models, were produced by Pacific Health & Fitness in Auckland until 2015. The design and manufacturing rights to these three older models were sold to Natural Therapies Ltd in 2016. 

SPRINGS: The L48 still uses the original RH48 spring designed in the 1980's for the first models of the lymphaciser, including the 36 spring model. This spring gives a harder and less accurate bounce and measures lower in its harmonic field, when an assembled unit is tested. 

RING: Both models use the original, zinc electro-plated, 1.5mm square steel walled tube ring design: owned by Auckland based engineers.

MAT: The L48 uses marine grade Permatron trampoline mat. A firm, 100% UV stable mat, which delivers a much harder bounce. There are no advanced electro-static principles incorporated into the mat design, which reduces the energising effects.

DESIGN: The original L48 spring, mat and configuration give a firmer and more jarring health-bounce, which generates more stress on joints and soft tissues in the whole body.

The L48 measures 15% less energising effect than the XenPod® with kinesiology testing calibration, while health-bouncing, meditating and resting. The harmonic field generated by the L48 is measurably lower due to geometric imprecision. This lowers the bio-field resonance capability.

The L48 now uses Ian Pettitt’s cleat design innovation, which was developed for the RH48 XenPod configuration. The effects of this alteration to the old L48 design, appear to further inhibit the bounce dynamic by making it firmer and more jarring at the bottom of the bounce.

SOFT MATERIALS: The L48 cover, webbing and thread is marine grade and the sizing is L48 specific.There are no leather leg facings to finish where the legs join the cover. It is available in navy blue only.

LEGS: The L48 has one leg length option available for the six screw on legs, which stands it higher off the floor for gym-style workouts. This can be less safe for mobility challenged users when moving on and off the mat. The longer legs mean it does not slip under an average bed, or easily lean on a wall for storage. The grippy rubber feet grab to the floor and carpet when re-positioning.

INCLUSIONS: The L48 comes with no inclusions, or self-balancing instructions. The L48 is not intended for use with precise electro-magnetic alignment, so there are no instructions needed for this. Some retailers include gym style fitness instructions when selling the L48 Lymphaciser, for more cardio-vascular stimulating use.

BACK UP: The L48 offers a 2 year comprehensive warranty on manufacturing. Money back guarantee of quality materials and workmanship at time of purchase. The level of after sales customer support is not specified. 

BEST USES: This design is suitable for general lymphacising and health and fitness use, for those prefering a harder, higher bounce for more arobic style work outs. The L48 will not give the user the low-stress bounce, or the extra healing energy gained with the refined RH48.

PRICE: Price is split between purchase and shipping from NZ + handling costs. No guarantee that further import duties will not be incurred. No free after-sales support.

​The Ultimate All-in-One Wellness Companion

The XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser®

The XenPod's unique secret is in the harmonic design of inbuilt sacred geometry. It's advantage is achieved with high quality NZ made components, unique construction, hand assembly and high quality control. 

No other lymphacising machine has been developed to such a fine level of excellence. Only the XenPod® achieves the maximum health bounce AND energising effects for you. Read more about XenPod®.


  • All NZ made genuine and unique XenPod design components
  • 15% more energy from the unique XenPod design
  • Simple and effective to use 
  • Delivers the most gentle health-bounce with no jarring
  • No contraindications and safe for all the family 
  • Flight friendly - only 12kg
  • Built to last a lifetime


  • Self-create a healthier body, mind and life with a one off investment
  • Support a more efficient and healthier lymphatic system to stimulate effective cellular detoxification
  • Exercise, energise and relax daily with no extra stressors on the body
  • Balance yourself every day with the unique XenPod program
  • Achieve powerful automatic reversal of many body ailments
  • Reduce reliance on expensive recurring therapy and treatments
  • This is a life long, high quality self-care and self-healing investment 
  • 5 year warranty on construction and metal parts
  • Unlimited email Q&A back up and support available from a professional with 36 years experience in health and healing 
  • Read more

Decades of Life Knowledge in the XenPod Design

Todays XenPod's carry the very latest refinements and still lead the market in premium lymphacisers. Decades of knowledge are embedded in the unique XenPod design, from the life work of it's innovator Ian Pettitt. View Ian in this video.

Simple Secrets for Better Health & Self-Care

Energising while Lymphacising© is the special program created by octogenarian XenPod innovator Ian Pettitt. It opens electrical paths, cleanses your cellular system and stimulates cellular energies that will balance your mind, body and emotions. 

The XenPod comes with a downloadable user manual containing these secrets from decades of research.  

Read more on the program.

Free Self-Care Consultation

We understand that you have very unique health needs and we know that it can be overwhelming trying to research online by yourself! 

We like to help you make the right decisions about your self-care. Gigi is a teacher, well trained and experience in self-healing methods. She is a master of self-care, with 40 years experience in personally managing lymphoedema and severe physical injuries.  Email Gigi for a chat now.

Grateful Aussie Customer

"I’m very grateful that you have made the xenpod available. I was going to buy another brand until a friend who had a xenpod 30 years ago told me about it. So I had to research then do comparisons until I became convinced I need the xenpod for my lymphatic system. Bounce is not the most important thing for rebounding or lymphasizjng. I’m looking forward to moving my sluggish lymph & recovering some energy." DB - NSW Australia

Read More Testimonials

Self-Heal with XenPod

"The XenPod entered my reality at a time where l was desperately ill and had little energy as a result of Cancer treatment. The use of the XenPod gave me great comfort, new well being and energy. Even used as a sitting platform for meditation - you can feel the energy it has move through your body. It's an all round comfort item for me and I recommend you use it for your health, and wellbeing." Linda - Melbourne Australia

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Go for the XenPod Label

To be a true harmonic energiser it must have the XenPod label. Our label guarantees that you are buying all the design features that innovator Ian Pettitt spent 30 years developing. 

Healthier Life Ltd owns the manufacturing and design IP rights to the unique XenPod Lymphaciser and Harmonic Energiser®  You won't buy this technology elsewhere on a cheaper health-bounce machine. The extra money spent on a XenPod, will return ten-fold, with greatly reduced health care costs in the longer term.  Read more

The Highest Quality Springs

The unique XenPod spring really stands out from the crowd. It is totally silent and one spring takes all weights. Each spring is personally made with precision to the exact XenPod specs, from the highest quality galvanised steel. We also check the accuracy of every single spring used in assembly.

We have never had to replace a XenPod spring. With proper maintenance they should last the life of your XenPod.  

See our maintenance tips here. 

Designed Exclusively for the Health-Bounce

The XenPod comes with short legs, which have been designed exclusively for the soft and gentle health-bounce, where your feet do NOT leave the mat. It is a finely tuned piece of self-healing equipment, not a fitness trampoline. These shorter legs also give a safer and easier to use height off the floor. 

Please note: you can do high jumping workouts on the XenPod if you want to, but you will need to request the longer legs.

The Pettitt Cleat Design

This original cleat design was set with lasers by Ian Pettitt himself at the Auckland engineering plant many years ago. 

It is just one component of the whole unique XenPod design IP, all of which work magically together to give the highest readings for a healthy human bio-field: measured with kinaesthetic biofeedback techniques.

The Yantra of XenPod©

The XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser® is the RH48 truly designed and assembled on the correct sacred geometry principles shown here in The Yantra of XenPod©. 

Bio-feedback, kinaesthetic testing, dowsing and a sensitive human body show that the XenPod® is far superior when it comes to producing the true and gentle RH48 energising effect. 

If it is important for you to have a lymphaciser that is also the best self-healing machine available: 

Buy the RH48 XenPod®.

  • A clean and green environmentally focused Company, based off-grid in Northland NZ 
  • We source and assemble high quality components all from within NZ 
  • Our forests protect the spring filled hills of Northlands purest water sources

Choose Green - Live Clean


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