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The Premium Quality RH48 Energiser

Kinesiology based testing has proven the XenPod to be the most effective RH48 Lymphaciser available on the market today.

This powerful Lymphatic System stimulating and energising device can and will change your life.  Read more about XenPod.

The XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser®

There's Simply No Comparison

Don't settle for less. The legendary RH48 XenPod has been well known and loved for decades and it's unbeatable reputation has prevailed: Our customers say it's simply the best lymphaciser in the world for Health Bouncing. 

The term lymphaciser appeared in the 1980's and is the generic term now widely used to denote what looks like a small rebounder or mini tramoline. The difference is that a lymphaciser has been designed and made to produce the Health Bounce exclusively. It is not a jumping style trampoline!

The XenPod's unique secret is in the harmonic design of inbuilt sacred geometry. It's advantage is achieved with high quality NZ made components, unique construction, hand assembly and high quality control. 

No other lymphacising machine has been developed to such a fine level of excellence. Only the XenPod achieves the maximum health bounce AND energising effects for you. Read more about XenPod.


  • Scientific design
  • Lightweight - 12KG 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Delivers the best health-bounce with no jarring
  • Simple to use 
  • Exercise with no stressors on the body
  • No contraindications and safe for all the family
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  • Healthier body, mind and life
  • More efficient and healthier lymphatic system 
  • Exercise and relax at the same time 
  • A high quality self-care and self-healing apparatus  
  • Cost of one night in most hospitals, exceeds the once in a life investment in a XenPod
  • Powerful self-help reversal of many body ailments
  • Gain measurable improvements by following the 9 basic steps 
  • Reduce reliance on expensive recurring therapy and treatments 
  • Full warranty and Q&A back up
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Decades of Life Knowledge in the XenPod Design

Todays XenPod's carry the very latest refinements and still lead the market in premium lymphacisers. Decades of knowledge are embedded in the unique XenPod design, from the life work of it's innovator Ian Pettitt. View Ian in this video.

Simple Secrets for Better Health & Self-Care

Energising while Lymphacising© is the special program created by octogenarian XenPod innovator Ian Pettitt. It opens electrical paths, cleanses your cellular system and stimulates cellular energies that will balance your mind, body and emotions. 

The XenPod comes with a downloadable user manual containing these secrets from decades of research.  

Read more on the program.

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Free Self-Care Consultation

We understand that you have very unique health needs and we know that it can be overwhelming trying to research online by yourself! 

We like to help you make the right decisions about your self-care. Gigi is a teacher, well trained and experience in self-healing methods. She is a master of self-care, with 40 years experience in personally managing lymphoedema and severe physical injuries.  Email Gigi for a chat now.

Grateful Aussie Customer

"I’m very grateful that you have made the xenpod available. I was going to buy another brand until a friend who had a xenpod 30 years ago told me about it. So I had to research then do comparisons until I became convinced I need the xenpod for my lymphatic system. Bounce is not the most important thing for rebounding or lymphasizjng. I’m looking forward to moving my sluggish lymph & recovering some energy." DB - NSW Australia

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Self-Heal with XenPod

"The XenPod entered my reality at a time where l was desperately ill and had little energy as a result of Cancer treatment. The use of the XenPod gave me great comfort, new well being and energy. Even used as a sitting platform for meditation - you can feel the energy it has move through your body. It's an all round comfort item for me and I recommend you use it for your health, and wellbeing." Linda - Melbourne Australia

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Go for the XenPod Label

To be a true harmonic energiser it must have the XenPod label. Our label guarantees that you are buying all the design features that innovator Ian Pettitt spent 30 years developing. 

Healthier Life Ltd owns the manufacturing and design IP rights to the unique XenPod Lymphaciser and Harmonic Energiser®  You won't buy this technology elsewhere on a cheaper health-bounce machine. The extra money spent on a XenPod, will return ten-fold, with greatly reduced health care costs in the longer term.  Read more

The Highest Quality Springs

The unique XenPod spring really stands out from the crowd. It is totally silent and one spring takes all weights. Each spring is personally made with precision to the exact XenPod specs, from the highest quality galvinised steel. We also check the accuracy of every single spring used in assembly.

We have never had to replace a XenPod spring. With proper maintenance they should last the life of your XenPod.  

See our maintenance tips here. 

Designed Exclusively for the Health-Bounce

The XenPod has short legs, which have been designed exclusively for the soft and gentle health-bounce, where your feet do NOT leave the mat. It is a finely tuned piece of self-healing equipment, not a fitness trampoline. These shorter legs also give a safer and easier to use height off the floor. 

Please note: you can do high jumping workouts on the XenPod if you must, but we do not recommend this and you will need to request the longer legs. 

The Pettitt Cleat Design

This original cleat design was set with lasers by Ian Pettitt himself at the Auckland engineering plant many years ago. It is one component of the whole unique XenPod design IP. 

If you have you seen the innovative Pettitt Cleat design displayed on cheaper model lymphacisers don't be fooled: they are definitely not selling the premium and totally unique RH48 XenPod. 

There is only one RH48 XenPod.

The Yantra of XenPod©

The XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser® is the RH48 that is truly designed and assembled on the correct sacred geometry principles shown here in The Yantra of XenPod©.

Bio-feedback, kinesthetic testing, dowsing and a sensitive human body show that cheaper machines are not producing the true and gentle RH48 energising effect. 

If it is important for you to have a lymphaciser that is also the best self-healing machine available: 

Buy the RH48 XenPod.

  • A clean and green environmentally focused Company, based off-grid in Northland NZ 
  • We source and assemble high quality components all from within NZ 
  • Our forests protect the spring filled hills of Northlands purest water sources

Choose Green - Live Clean


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