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What Makes it the Premium Quality RH48?

Kinesiology based testing has proven the RH48 XenPod® to be 15% more effective than the original old model.  Why? There are significant design differences between the XenPod® and the only other comparable NZ Lymphaciser.

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XenPod Features

  • All NZ made, genuine and unique XenPod design components
  • Simple, safe and effective to use
  • Delivers the most gentle health-bounce of all models
  • No contraindications and safe for all the family
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • 2 year unconditional warranty on all parts
  • Comes with a downloadable user manual containing many secrets from 3 decades of research

XenPod Benefits

  • Gain 15% more energy from the unique XenPod design
  • Self-create a healthier body, mind and life with a one off investment
  • Support a more efficient and healthier lymphatic system to stimulate effective cellular detoxification
  • Exercise, energise and relax daily with no extra stressors on the body
  • Balance yourself every day with the unique XenPod program
  • Ground your body’s electric energy for better health and less stress
  • Achieve powerful automatic reversal of many body ailments
  • Reduce reliance on expensive recurring therapy and treatments
  • This is a life long, high quality self-care and self-healing investment
  • Unlimited email Q&A back up and support from a professional with over 3 decades experience in health and healing
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Go for the XenPod Label

To be a true harmonic energiser it must have the XenPod label. Our label guarantees that you are buying all the design features that innovator Ian Pettitt spent 30 years developing.


You simply won’t buy this technology elsewhere on a cheaper machine! The extra money spent on a XenPod will return to you ten-fold, with more energy and reduced health care costs in the longer term.

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The Highest Quality Springs

The XenPod spring is completely unique. Each spring is carefully made with the finest precision from high quality galvanised steel, to the exact XenPod specifications set by Ian Pettitt himself. These springs are totally silent and can take all weights. We check the accuracy of every single spring used in assembly. With proper maintenance these spring should last the life of your XenPod.

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The Pettitt Cleat Design

This original cleat design was set with lasers by Ian Pettitt himself at the Auckland engineering plant many years ago.


This design is one component of the whole unique XenPod design IP. All individual components work magically together, to produce the highest test readings for a healthy human bio-field when measured with kinaesthetic biofeedback techniques.


The Yantra of XenPod©

The XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser® is the RH48 truly designed and assembled on the correct sacred geometry principles shown here in The Yantra of XenPod©.


Bio-feedback, kinaesthetic testing, dowsing and a sensitive human body show that the XenPod® is far superior when it comes to producing the true and gentle RH48 energising effect.  If it is important for you to have a lymphaciser that is also the best self-healing machine available:


Buy the RH48 XenPod®

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