The Real RH48 XenPod Passes The Test of Time

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers World Wide

"As a bodybuilder, I had a hard time getting definition in my legs. After using the XenPod for a week, I could see and feel significant improvement in my calves and thighs."
Arnold Engourou, Personal trainer and Bodybuilding event Organiser, Paris France.

"This simple synchronised bounce can open your Chakras and you can balance the body's fourteen acupuncture meridians".
Shirley Meredith, Kinesiologist, Auckland, New Zealand.

"Chronic Emphysema has vastly improved and chronic knee problems reversed."
Peter McCreagh, J.P. Byron Bay, Australia.

"Forty-five minutes, from debilitating hip, back and leg pain to freedom in walking and is swinging her hips again".
French Consul's wife, Suva, Fiji.

Doctors asked mother, who used the XenPodTM for both pregnancies, "Why have your two babies been born with an extra two months of awareness and muscles development?"
Janet, Buderim, Qld.

"Swollen ankles, back pain released, and by perspiring for first time has started the important skin cleanse"
Anna-Marie 48 years old, Port Moresby, New Guinea.

"It really works, my hips can now rotate freely. It is so easy! It is amazing".
Irmagard, Natural therapist, Munich. Germany.

"Less than ten minutes adjusted and harmonised acupuncture meridians that corrected jet lag of the twenty–four hour trip."
Joanne, Japan, Missouri. USA.

"After four months using the XenPodTM correctly, I lost all the loose skin around my buttocks, which had sagged because of my age (sixty five and seven children) also my breasts, tummy, and buttocks, have all filled out and firmed up and a nice vital colour has returned to all the old loose skin area".
Claire De Lune, Brisbane, Qld.

"From thirty-two years of Polio to be able to walk without crutches, all in twelve months!"
Vergil Orten, Tenants Creek, NT.

"After thirty-two years of high blood pressure, the doctor has now taken me off my pills, only after six weeks on the XenPodTM".
65 year old Grandmother, Perth, WA.

"After seven weeks of energising, I am now in eighth year of remission from acute lymphoma, I even survived chemotherapy".
Mother of three Frankston, Victoria.

"After ten days there are no more sparks when I remove my clothing".
Mrs. Quigley, England. (This one shows power of the XenPodTM over static electricity).

"My sinus problem and a twenty year aching ankle have now been taken care of".
Peter Choo, Singapore

"Doing ten minutes at start of my day, gives me an extra 90 minutes of energy at the end of my accounting day".
Tony, Melbourne, Victoria.

"Energising after eating, diminishes sleepiness experienced from eating".
Samandandra, USA Swami at Nambour retreat, Queensland.

"Meditating on XenPodTM grants extra levels of insights and experiences".
Dr. Golden MD, Sydney,


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