The Ever So Gentle Power of the Health Bounce...

What is Health Bouncing?

Lymphacising is a method of using gentle bouncing and a special breathing technique to move the lymph fluids faster and more effectively through the body. This gentle bouncing is called the Health Bounce. When done correctly and without stress, lymphacising conserves oxygen, creates enzymes and energises cells by creating ATP at the cell level.

Lymphacising is using the gravitational G force of acceleration and deceleration to create heat and pressure that change the structure and chemical make-up of weak and lazy cells. This activates the sodium potassium pumps which are responsible for balancing the electrical reactions of the individual cells.

Health Bouncing is very different from ordinary exercise, as muscular exercise creates cellular wastes (lactic and uric acid), uses up oxygen and only strengthens certain muscles. This uses up a lot of energy and leaves some cells surrounded with excess fluids that need removing.

Excessive aerobic style bouncing on inferior rebounders of poor quality, can actually be detrimental to your health. You can test this for yourelf with Kinesiology. Muscle test yourself before and after using the rebounder in question. If you test weaker after your bouncing, even though you may have momentarily gained an energy rush, your rebounder is actually weakening your whole body and all it's energy sysyems. This principle can be likened to drinking coffee or consuming refined sugar to gain instant energy. After the initial rush, you can feel even more tierd and eventually your body will become out of balance and the adrenals will become exhausted.

What is Energising while Lymphacising?

The XenPodTM program truly gives you a unique and an unfair advantage. No other lymahaciser will give you this to such a high degree. Energising while lymphacising on a XenPod is a physical activity based on synchronised step-breathing, gentle movements within gravitational harmonics, with self-induced movements of body fluids.

Energising opens electrical paths, cleanses your cellular system, and stimulates cellular energies that will balance your mind, body and emotions. This will enhance your access to your unique state of being, so you can start loving to live and living to love, accepting yourself and others in your life's journeys.

The XenPodTM has the unique ability to facilitate these changes within your body and its energy systems. It has been specially designed to bring about stress-free movement of your body's many unseen energies. It does this in such a way that wastes are effectively removed or expelled from your body. When wastes are removed creating ATP by the cells releasing trapped plasma proteins, also known as cellular oedema, hot-spots, pain or blocks.

Energising activates the Lorentz force law of electro- magnetic current with a clockwise or anti-clockwise spiralling vortex of self-induced energy around the body. This energy field releases excess fluids (TPP, trapped plasma protein) which can surround cells. Energising relaxes the body because it releases the stressed cells that may cause a muscle to spasm. This release allows cellular wastes to be taken to the body's five cleansing systems and will allow bones to move towards their correct and natural posture. 

Why have so many efforts for health enhancement, such as exercise, diet management and therapies produced such inconsistent results? Most programs focus only on specific areas or an individual system of your body. 

The body consists of 14 different systems and in order to return it to a healthy state, the approach needs to be holistic, addressing body, mind, and soul. Therapies and fitness routines that induce adrenal syndrome stresses, can cause almost any problem in the body directly or indirectly and create imbalances within our 70-100 billion cellular communications. These affect the nervous system, the chakras and the acupuncture systems. 

Health also needs to be self-directional, in order to for a person to reclaim responsibility for his or her health. The XenPodTM is the machine which has been developed to optimise this. With this machine, you will activate the laws of our body's self-regeneration process. It will empower your body to activate energy and fluid flows according to the dictates of your natural healing processes. Energising while LymphacisingTM avoids the creation of stress in the 14 body systems and ensures that the central nervous system is not overloaded. 

The XenPodTM is part of a holistic process by which positive results at cellular level are achieved. It has been specifically designed for maximising the benefit of the Earth's magnetic fields. It also maximises the benefit of physical laws that work at the cellular level which move the lymph system without stress. When you regenerate a healthy respiratory system, diaphragm, lungs, intercostals, and ribs, it gives your spine greater flexibility, thus allowing better movement of the sacrum. This induces efficiency in the central nervous system as it creates order in the body. The human body is designed to heal and organise itself, which explains why and how healing is different for everyone. 


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