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New Zealand's Best RH48 Lymphaciser

The RH48 XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser

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Don't settle for less. The legendary RH48 XenPod Lymhaciser has been well known and loved for decades and it's unbeatable reputation has prevailed: It's simply the best lymphaciser in the world for Health Bouncing.

The XenPod is recommended by Health Professionals, Fitness trainers and Doctors world wide. It's secret is in the health promoting harmonic design of inbuilt sacred geometry.

It's advantage is achieved with high quality NZ made components, unique construction and hand assembly. No other lymphacising unit has been developed to such a fine level of excellence, to achieve the maximum health and energising effects for you.
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Sacred Geometry

The XenPod Lymphaciser & Harmonic Energiser is the only RH48 truly designed on sacred geometry. Read more on XenPod.

Free Shipping To Your Door

Your XenPod will be shipped free of charge anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Understanding Better Health With Lymphology

Energising while LymphacisingTM is the special program, created by XenPod innovator Ian Pettitt. It opens electrical paths, cleanses your cellular system, and stimulates cellular energies that will balance your mind, body and emotions. Read more.

XenPod Testimonials Pass the Test of Time

For decades, hundreds of satisfied customers world-wide have been sharing their positive experiences of using the XenPod. They report more energy, easier relaxation, deep detoxification, better health, increased fitness... Read Testimonials

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Are You Confused?

RH48 Lymphacisers have been around a long time, so it can't be helped, there is just a lot of old misleading and confusing info out there on the internet. Please understand that this website is the most up to date. You can buy the real NZ Lymphaciser here right NOW. No confusing, misinformation and no old news. For interests sake, you may like to read how the old RH48 rates world wide, as the best Health Bouncer. When you realise that the XenPod is even better than these old models, it's a no-brainer what to buy! 

See old videos at  These guys are in the USA. They don't have the NZ Lymphaciser in stock, but they still reckon it's the best health-bouncer.

Sacred Harmonic Music of the Spheres Project

Our new album Maiden Heart has been specially recorded at Shunya Music, in the Byron Bay area of Australia. All artists were sitting on the beautiful harmonic field of the XenPod while recording these healing sounds.

You will receive this bonus album with your XenPod. The specially inspired EarthHeart Blessing 20 minute meditation will align your mind, heart and spirit and induce deep relaxation: while you meditate and rest on your XenPod. It's important to allow the full 20 minute rest time while listening. See the album page for more in depth meditation instructions.

Our company Healthier Life Ltd is clean and green. XenPod is manufactured in NZ and assembled by hand. The photo above is our home base, on a beautiful off-grid tree sanctuary, where the air is pure and clear spring waters rise from the mountains and flow to the sea. 

We donate NZ$20 to from every XenPod sale. Every dollar raised for TreeSisters goes towards environmental restoration projects, with local women planting native trees to reforest the tropical areas of our planet where this is so vitally, critically needed. Read more about TreeSisters.

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Fully Licensed Therapist with ISPS 

Institute for the Study of Peak States 

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